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Advertise With Us

Want to reach an extremely large audience? We have you covered.

I’m a Christian and I’m Proud is a leading Christian media company with millions of followers. We work to inform, entertain and keep people in the know of all the amazing stuff coming out of the Christian/Gospel sector.

If you’re looking to work with a Christian media company that understands the importance of  bridging the gap and reaching both the young and old then you should definitely get in with us. Reaching the Christian community worldwide has now become easy.  We serve a community worldwide that varies in age with our largest demographic in the 18-40 years range. Since 2009, our aim has been to reach the lost around the globe as well as encouraging our brothers and sisters already in the faith and we have seen our online network grow to great heights. Our empowering content through the word has allowed us a platform to speak to the kingdom needs, wants and interests of this generation, the one before and beyond. By marketing through I’m a Christian and I’m Proud, you can reach an International audience of millions of influencers that no other site will deliver.

Contact us with your marketing needs on our contact us page  or directly at and once you have completed this form, click the send button and your request will be submitted to one of our account managers. After your information is reviewed, we will contact you with more information.




  • Hi!

    We’re running a website with Christian quizzes and the intention of bringing God closer into our users’ lives and deepen their knowledge on The Holy Bible.

    We’re looking for a Facebook partner, who would post our links on their fanpage. We would share a huge part of our ad revenue generated from this traffic.

    This is a big opportunity to further monetize your fanpage, but also to gain unique and interesting Christian content. Our quizzes are prepared by our team of copywriters from the US and perceived valuable for the Facebook community. Our preferred audience are Christians from US, Canada and UK, women 45+. If this target is a huge part of your fanpage demographics and you’d like to monetize it, please drop me a message and we will discuss further details.

  • Wesley Johnson says:

    I would love to advertise with you

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