2 Year Old Faces “Death Penalty”: Court rule hospital can withdraw life support against parents’ wishes


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The story of Alfie Evans, son of Thomas Evans, 21 and Kate Jame,s 20; is one that will touch your heart. Alfie has a mysterious, and undiagnosed disease. He is in a coma and has seizures, but responds when his parents interact with him.

After the hospital sought an injunction to end Alfie’s life, citing that it would be “unkind, unfair, and inhumane” to allow the 21-month-old to keep living. Unfortunately for Alfie and his parents, the UK high court agreed and ruled on Tuesday that a hospital may remove a toddler’s ventilator against his parents’ wishes.

Distraught father Thomas Evans said after the ruling: “My son is two years of age and he’s been sentenced to the death penalty,” further appealing “How wrong is that?”

“They want him dead on Friday” and won’t even let us bring him home to die, he said.

The Evans family may appeal the ruling, UK media reported.

It is said. Alder Hey Children’s Hospital has been fighting to have Alfie’s life support withdrawn even though his parents want to fly him via private air ambulance to Bambino Gesu Hospital in Rome.

Should a hospital have that much control and say over somebody else’s child or life? Share your thoughts with us.

Image Credit: Action for Alfie

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