2018 – Great Year For Christian Music At The Grammys!


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Whilst we very much acknowledge that our greatest reward is in heaven than in earthly accolades, It is an undeniable feeling of Joy to see Christian artist win BIG at this years Grammy Awards which were held on Sunday night at Madison Square Garden.

Hillsong for us was the main highlight because many of us in our churches has worshipped to their songs in our churches and not only that whilst many ‘Christian’ artist avoid any mention of Jesus in their records, Hillsong sing that name and shout it from the roof tops, loud and proud. Therefore it was an absolute joy to see Hillsong walk away with “Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song” for What a Beautiful Name.”

If you were paying close attention to social media, they were trending and everyone was buzzing about them, however not just because of the win but more so for the fact that Jesus was the centre of their message throughout. They celebrated their victory emphasizing;

“JESUS. The most incredible Name and has transformed our lives…….No matter how far/close you feel to God, His Love is greater, His name more powerful/wonderful/beautiful than any other. May this Glorify #JESUS,”

Another awesome artist to walk away with two awards was Cece Winans. She won Best Gospel performance/song for “Never have to be alone” and for the Best Gospel Album with “Let Them Fall in Love.”

Among the Christian Grammy winners were; Zach Williams, and Reba McEntire. Congratulations are in order for all that these artist are doing to represent the Kingdom on these major platforms. Our King will be lifted high.

Image Credit: Hillsong Youtube Screenshot

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