3 killed as Helicopter Crashes into House in Newport Beach


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Officials have said at least three people were killed and two injured when a helicopter crashed into a house in Newport Beach Tuesday afternoon. The crash was reported around 1:45 p.m. at Egret Court and Shearwater Place, about a block from the beach.

Officials say, Newport Beach police, fire officials and the Orange County Fire Authority responded to the home on Shearwater Place just before 2:20 p.m. They also said four people were on the chopper when it crashed.

“It does not appear that any persons on the ground were involved,” police said in a statement.

The Helicpoter struck the yard and wall of the home at Shearwater Place. A piece of the tail rotor was seen lodged in the tiled roof of a home across the street. It is said that the helicopter is based out of John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, which is only about a mile from the crash site. The helicopter’s manufacturer, Robinson Helicopter Co. is based in Torrance.

Skid marks and debris on the ground indicate the aircraft may have first struck the street and then skidded into the home

A witness who spoke to CBS Los Angeles said he saw the chopper “drop like a rock.” He also mentioned that he allegedly saw the pilot lying injured — but alive — on the grass. It’s unclear if it was indeed the pilot.

“We tried to pry them out but we didn’t want to touch them,” the neighbour said, who was not identified. “We didn’t want to take a chance of hurting anybody. The three people were all crunched in there together,” he said. “One I could see moving an arm.”

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Image Credit: (KTLA)

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