‘A Billion-Soul Harvest’: The End Times Ushering in History’s Greatest Revival?


Christian ministries have began to unite in an attempt to help set off history’s greatest revival.This gathering of ministries has been called streams of God with each ministry representing a stream that can flow and touch many. It’s a gathering of some of the most powerful streams of ministry that have been used in revival across the past three decades – much like the Toronto Blessing that started in 1994 and touched millions around the world.

In a talk with CBN, Reinhard Bonke’s Christ for All Nations (CfAN) successor Daniel Kolenda, said CfAN has seen more than 72 million salvations. Kolenda insists it’s because they focus on the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

“It actually makes our jobs quite easy, we just present Jesus to people and the Holy Spirit comes in and does the rest.”

It is believed that as these streams have gathered, God wants to light the fire again of revival again and hit the world with possibly the greatest awakening and harvest of all time.

Image Credit: Rhema

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