An Exclusive Interview with gospel singer OnesimusMuzik

OnesimusMuzik  is a name that is pretty much on everyone’s lips. He is the spiritual son of the very famous Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, but not to keep him in the shadow of his spiritual lineage as he is an amazing singer and song writer and minister.  He is about to drop a new album and we didn’t want to miss this opportunity to scoop all the interesting details first-hand; it truly is an honour to have him feature in our spotlight section.
Thank you for agreeing to do this interview with us for our readership.

ICIP: So, tell us a bit about yourself. Who is Onesimus Muzik?


OM: Onesimus Muzik is a Gospel singer , song writer , a husband and more over a visionary.


ICIP: How did you get started in music?


OM: It all started in Malawi in 2008 where I realised my talent in song writing , I began in rapping , I was part of a rap group called BBM in Malawi. Throughout this rapping experience I realised my talent in singing. It didn’t start with Gospel , I was a secular music artist until I met my calling in 2012 only to switch to Gospel music in 2014 and it’s been on amazing experience


ICIP: What was the transition like from doing world music to gospel music?


OM: It’s a huge transition , that one would find hard to settle in, but once you know your real calling and who you are in the Lord such things become natural and easy.

ICIP: What advice would you give to those who want to follow in your footsteps?


OM: Never stop working hard, though the road may seem bumpy , never give up and keep the faith. Remember life will throw stones and rocks at you try your level best and  duck them, find your purpose fulfil it. Continuous Prayer is Key! Make time to speak to God , he has all the answers!


ICIP: Tell us about your new album and what we can expect and any feature’s to look out for?

OM: My new album is different from my previous album it has a new sound and a new vibe and what’s amazing is that the message conveyed is still the same! You can expect to worship, to dance, to relate, to be encouraged, to enjoy a blessing to your ears. Amazing features that you need to look out for, I can’t mention any names at the moment but trust and believe when I say it will be amazing and it will be something to look forward to.


ICIP: How long have you been writing and where does your inspiration come from.


OM: In all honesty I have been writing all my life, life is a journey that one keeps track of, it brings new inspiration and experiences. In 2008 that’s when my true writing skills manifested.


ICIP: When is the album being released?


OM: The album will be released around September , I’ll release the date soon.


ICIP: Now, we know that you got married to the beautiful Lisa and how is married life treating you?


OM: My Queen Lisa, marriage was one big transition but I am loving every moment of it. I get to go home after a long night and day of studio and laugh and conversations with my best friend. It’s honestly amazing especially the fact that Lisa and I think alike and share the same visions. Honestly marriage has brought out the best in me. I could go on forever … lol


ICIP: How do you balance Ministry and Married life?


OM: It’s actually very easy, I have found someone who knows the ministry just like me, we always make sure that we have time for each other any minute of the day be it a phone call or a message, there is always a balance between the two. Lisa is my partner we are one, so we both know how to handle each other . 

ICIP: What advice would you give to couples who are serving in ministry about having proper balance?


OM: Communication and Prayer are key!


ICIP: Last but not least how can people get in touch with you? (All your social media etc..)


OM: Instagram – OnesimusMuzik

Facebook- OnesimusMuzik

Twitter -OnesimusMuzik


ICIP: Thank you for taking time out to do this with us, we are rooting for you all the way and it can only go higher from here for you.


OM: Thank you for making time, I truly appreciate you.


God bless

Testimony – Single by @onesimusmuzik
Available on iTunes get it here.
God bless you



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