Okay, yes you’re shaking your head thinking ‘How dare you post a secular book?’ Contrary to popular belief, book titles can be deceiving. THE KARMA SHEMA DRAMA, is a book I have been reading lately and would like to recommend to you all.

‘It is a powerful and perspective changing book that will show you how every interaction, conversation, confrontation and connection can be used for God’s Glory.’ (In the words of Pastor Zak White, Texas). Yes, it really is a powerful book; giving you the reader a fresh look at an ancient spiritual tradition called ‘SHEMA’.



In the words of the Author Pastor Andy Gray, “SHEMA is for the people of the struggle. A call to love with all that we are. It is a daily conversation and exploration of creative expressions of love, intended to build a new kind of community.”

We will soon get to chat with Pastor Andy Gray about this powerful book, his ministry and his other endeavours.

This is definitely a book worthy of your precious time.

God bless you



Image:courtesy of AndyGrayFacebook

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