Are you “In Pursuit of Purpose”?

Transformational Speaker, Life & Business Coach Mbiotidem Bassey Launches New Book “In Pursuit of Purpose”
“Life without purpose is like trying to drive from one long distance to another without a map.
The chances of getting there are very unlikely.”
The acclaimed Mbiotidem Bassey is here to help, in his breakthrough new book “In Pursuit of Purpose”.
Who am I? Why am I here? Where should I be focusing my energy? These are thought-provoking questions that people ask themselves, but unfortunately, few have the interesting, applicable, and exciting tools needed to change their mindset, improve their lives, and put them on the road to success. The good news is, Transformational Speaker, Life & Business Coach Mbiotidem Bassey tackles these questions head-on in the October 2018 release of his book “In Pursuit of Purpose”.
Since he is known for his charisma, and ability to touch hearts and open minds, his new book is highly anticipated.
“My drive is to help readers clarify their purpose and have a clear vision of what they are striving to achieve,”
commented Bassey. “In many ways clearing this fog is the key that opens a door to a truly magical life of abundance. When we don’t know where we are going, the chances of us ending up someplace remarkable are slim.
When you read and apply the methods within ‘In Pursuit of Purpose’ you can break free from that trap forever. Your purpose is already inside of you waiting to be discovered!” In the book, the ultra-motivated Bassey describes the five core principles that are central for a person to achieve the success they desire. Understanding and applying these principles and mindset, can nearly guarantee an explosion of success in a reader’s career, business,
financial situation, and relationships of all kinds. With over 18 years of experience, Bassey is also available as an inspirational speaker to interested colleges, universities, high schools, corporate businesses, and churches.
“In Pursuit of Purpose” can be purchased at and all other major outlets in both paperback and e-book versions. Signed copies (for USA residents only) are available through
Feedback for the book has been passionate. Lauren S., recently said in a five-star review,
“Your book is AMAZING! I am in AWE of the content. I love the way you share your message. I truly believe lives will be changed because of this book. It has changed mine.”
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