It is so easy in life to want to skip the humps and bumps and take short cuts. I mean who willingly wants to go through twists and turns or the dark tunnels before finding the light? I know if given the opportunity, most of us would opt to skip the in-between turbulent phases of our journey and onto the presumptuous successful end.

Yes its easy to cheat and read the summary of a book and skip what we like to treat as “the boring” in-between pages onto the end and convince ourselves that we have enlightened ourselves and fully grasped the depth of that book. However I may be one of the few left who hates spoilers and actually prefer to read the whole book or rather go through the whole refining process which is never easy.

It is so easy to want the easy way out when we think of our futures especially the anxiety that sometimes comes with the unknown. But when you get to a place in life where you understand who it is that holds your life, you have arrived at a place of safety and there is no better place to be than there.

Proverbs 3:5 says “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your understanding”.

I am here to encourage you that the in betweens are part of the grand finale. Always remember that you are a blank canvas of life and the Artist, God the Creator is working on you himself. Whilst the whole picture may be blurry in the present and may not make sense, you need not to worry. God holds your world  in His hands.

God bless you



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