Becky McCoy


You know those moments in life when you come across touching stories than just leave you inspired, moved and emotional at the same time. Well, Becky McCoy is a woman worth our spotlight month.

“Becky McCoy is not a runner. She never planned on running a half marathon; in fact it was on her “anti-bucket list.” But when her husband, who was a doctor in the Air Force, passed away unexpectedly one month before their second child was due – Becky’s world was turned upside down. At the suggestion of a friend, she started reluctantly training for the Navy & Air Force Half Marathon in D.C. just to keep her mind off of things. The more Becky prayed about the half marathon, the more she felt a profound sense of peace and acceptance about it, and Becky was even able to view the training as a way to privately grieve her husband, and connect with him through an activity that he loved.” FaithHub

Listen to Becky’s touching story of healing and restoration found through faith and running!

God bless you



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