Beth Moore Calls for Reform, Repentance in Evangelical Church


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The “pampered gospel” must come to an end, says Evangelist Beth Moore as she calls on the church to repent.

At the MLK50 Conference on the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination, she participated in a panel discussion on “Evangelicals and the Future of Racial Unity” where she said; Christians need to stand up against injustice, even if it costs them their popularity or forces them out of their comfort zone.

“We have been very proud of the fact that we have not subscribed to a prosperity gospel. But what we have subscribed to is a pampered gospel where we are so afraid of suffering and we are so afraid someone is going to criticize us and hurt our feelings,” Moore said. “This is the Gospel work of Jesus Christ and we are going with Him. Whatever it takes, no matter how unpopular it is. He was hated. We have to have thicker skin than that.”

Before the conference, she took to Twitter to encourage the church to repent of its failures.

“Evangelicalism is in humiliating need of reform but the thing is, it’s possible. In OUR lifetimes. All that stands between us & an astonishing work of the Holy Spirit is repentance. Quit being scared of rocking a boat that has run aground on an island of compromise.Walk on water,” she concluded.

Many seem to agree with her view, do you agree with Evangelist Moore? Please let us  know your thoughts.


Image Credit: Living Proof Ministries

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