Beth Moore’s Urge to Pastors to Speak Out Against Guns, Angering Some!


Beth Moore has recently been dubbed the queen of christian social activism. Unafraid to voice her opinion relating to various topics from the #metoo movement, to speaking out against mass shootings, particularly the one in El Paso that appears to have been motivated by racism and a hatred of immigrants. She has recently been in almost every Christian Lifestyle or Christian News publication.

At a time when gun deaths are rampant, some people are feeling that it is not fair to only offer thoughts and prayers and yet remaining silent by not speaking out against this horrible endemic. Some people are accusing pastors of not using their freedom to speak out against gun violence and instead choosing to ignore the topic entirely in order to avoid controversy — this concern has been targeted especially against evangelical pastors with sentiments in various spaces reading along the lines of  ‘what is it with evangelical pastors who don’t want to infuriate a conservative Christian base.’

However, Beth Moore has taken a different route from fellow Evangelicals  and has almost become the poster child  for lighting up twitter with fiery topics.  Moore has urged her peers to speak out on these issue. She made it very clear in her her twitter post that: Silence is complicity.

“Christian leaders, LEAD. Do not shrink back in cowardice. Be bold. Be clear. Do not assume people know where you stand. History will prove this to be a most critical hour and our silence to have been our shameful complicity.” Beth Moore
In regards to El Paso she wrote, “Any ‘Christ’ that can be invoked in support of white nationalism is a false Christ of the highest, most hellish order. An anti-Christ. A wholly-opposite christ. No such christ is the Christ Jesus of Scripture who taught His followers a love that sacrifices life & limb for others.” Moore continued, “Let it be known, let it be declared by genuine followers of Jesus, that the man who opened fire in El Paso may invoke a christ of some kind but it is NOT our Christ. His christ would be unrecognizable to us. Unrecognizable in Scripture. We claim no christ of white nationalism.”
Do you feel the church is doing enough in response to these issues and should Pastors speak out?
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