There has been a massive h00-ha about Beyonce’s Super Bowl Formation Performance, some people have even threatened to boycott her brand. Whilst others may accuse her of being Anti-Police, which by the way I believe has no grain of truth or reasonable justification, what I however think is that Beyonce is a very smart business woman and an opportunist.

Now many of you are sitting and scratching your head thinking what does Beyonce have to do with this site, well once I break down what I am trying to present to you, it will all make sense. I am a firm believer that we are all God’s children who come in different shades yet one race and that is the Human Race. However, due to some unknown higher powers that be, they promote an agenda of hate to cause division and havoc amongst us all.

you are now most probably thinking I’m crazy, however wait for this observation I have had for a while. Recently we have seen a surge of “murders” highlighted by the media that have heightened racial tension in order to cause havoc and division. I mean black, red purple or blue men have always been killed by police in the USA and it has never really been an “Issue” that was given time of day. Ask yourself, why now?

The media (whom by the way are mostly, not all) puppets of a bigger picture are simply setting you up. They have found a way to get your emotions stirred up about something beyond your comprehension and act out, without you even picking up on it. The have purposely set out a propaganda of provocation, because they know you will buy into it and fall for the trap.

Like I’ve said  and will reiterate, black men have always been killed, this is nothing new. So why are the media playing with your emotions and showing you isolated events of murders of black men. Your frequency regardless of your shade of skin is not free from the bondage of control, hence why they are able to use that to their advantage to lure you into their plan. Many of us are sheep being led to the slaughter because we have not tuned out and realigned ourselves with the sound of Heaven only.

In the days to come discernment will be very important because we are headed to a land of lawlessness. They are fine-tuning you to act out what they have planned out, yet the masses are just too blind to see. There will be an up-rise of merciless and unjustified killings to justify other killings. Blood for blood.  We have truly lost our focus and sense of direction that we are willing to fight a battle we have no understanding of. This is deeper than you and I.

So back to Beyonce. Beyonce is a smart woman and wants to sell records and knows that racial tension is at an all time high and has decided to cash in on that. The sad thing in all this is that, she has given right into the hand of her masters/handlers. By performing Formation, she has been used as one the the enablers to heighten racial war of us against them. So don’t get me wrong yet again, because yes I believe  loss of life is sad. The deaths that have happened are very much real. But they are all planned, hence why the cops always get away and one or two will be used as an example to make you believe they are not planned. The media and powers that be know what to feed your emotions and whom to use to heighten those emotions too. Open your eyes, open your bibles, PRAY PRAY PRAY for the spirit of discernment and see beyond the horizon. This is bigger than you and I.

God bless you



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