‘Black Panther’ Actress boldly proclaims “I fell in love with Jesus”.


British Actress Letitia Wright left acting to pursue a relationship with God. Now she is back with a profound mission.

Marvel Studios’ latest comic-book adaptation, Black Panther, is a box-office success. According to Huffington Post, it “made an astounding $242 million domestically over the Presidents Day weekend.

One of the major success stories from this movie is that of breakout star Letitia Wright, who plays T’Challa’s little sister Shuri, a brainy technician who is one of the most likeable characters of the movie. Interestingly, Wright almost never got the role, as she left acting completely to purse a relationship with God.

She recently sat down with GMB a UK talk show to share her journey in the world of acting, and her story has becoming a preaching in itself, ministering to many heart. Here is what she had to say;

I needed to take a break from acting, because I really idolized it. So I came off from it and I went on a journey to discover my relationship with God, and I became a Christian. It really just gave me so much love and light within myself. I felt secure, like I didn’t need validation from anyone else, or getting a part. My happiness wasn’t dependent on that, it was dependent on my relationship with God.

In an Interview with Vanity Fair, it was reported that Wright came to Christianity after attending a London actors’ Bible study with fellow Identity graduate Malachi Kirby (Roots, Black Mirror) at the height of her depression. Her immersion in her newfound religion was so strong that Wright walked away from a role in a Nicole Kidman-Elle Fanning film, most likely How to Talk to Girls at Parties, in order to focus on her relationship with God. When it came time to tackle her career with newfound commitment in 2015, she ran to it full tilt—and hasn’t stopped since.

Wright says she sees her career as a “ministry,” and has also said that she is not going to hide her religious beliefs. She prays before every scene and came back to acting because she felt God has given her a new mission in life.

We pray for her protection as she continues to share the love of Jesus in Hollywood.

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