Brad Pitt no longer identifies as atheist, says he was just being ‘rebellious’.


Brad Pitt for years has publicly declared himself an atheist, the award-winning actor and film producer has however now said that he was just being “rebellious” when he kept telling the world he didn’t believe in God.

“Oh, man, I’ve gone through everything. Like, I cling to religion. I grew up with Christianity. Always questioned it, but it worked at times. And then when I got on my own, I completely left it and I called myself agnostic. Tried a few spiritual things but didn’t feel right. Then I called myself an atheist for a while, just kind of being rebellious. I wasn’t really. But I kinda labeled myself that for a while. It felt punk rock enough. And then I found myself coming back around……,” Pitt, said in an interview for the October issue of GQ.

In the past Brad Pitt had said religion stifled him. He told The Hollywood Reporter, that feeling led him to turn away from his Southern Baptist tradition.

“I grew up very religious, and I don’t have a great relationship with religion,” he said at the time. “I oscillate between agnosticism and atheism.”

The discussions surrounding Pitt’s faith have come as he promotes a new movie called “Ad Astra.” It’s a paranoid thriller in space that follows character Roy McBride, played by Pitt, “on a mission across an unforgiving solar system to uncover the truth about his missing father and his doomed expedition that now, 30 years later, threatens the universe.”

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