Breaking: ‘Hillsong not a church but a business’ alleges man who claims was once a leader at Hillsong.


Over the years, many people have alleged so many things concerning Hillsong, but no one from “leadership” has ever come out and said anything specific. When Former worship Pastor Darlene Zschech left the church, there were so many speculations but no one formally said anything on record.

Following our recent breaking story about Marty Sampson of Hillsong, a man named Dessy Challen claiming to have once been on the leadership team of Hillsong, Brisbane, has alleged that Hillsong are not a church but rather a business.

During an exchange regarding Marty Sampson on our Facebook page, Mr Challen was having a back and forth and alleged some very concerning things about Hillsong. In his statement he said:

”Brandon Ainsworth I was in hillsong for years in Brisbane. I was involved in leadership. What i witnessed shocked me and I got out of there as fast as I could.” He added, “It wasn’t 2 years more like 16 months. I was involved in the new Christians team that we used to minister to people who got saved during the service. We used to take them to a back room and pray for them and get details that was before hillsong took OVER.”

He further alleged: “We used to be called Garden city church and hillsong took over our church. Within 2 weeks of them taking over they changed everything. We used to pray for those with demons and healings and I was praying for a man who was possessed with many demons. As I’m delivering him we were interrupted by this hillsong heavy and he pulled me aside and said we are not to pray for him but give him a bible get his details put him in a home cell and they will help him there.”

Mr Chessy claims to have questioned the new changes as he continued his statement saying:

“I said what if he walks out of here and dies? oh he said hell be OK. So they stopped all praying for new Christians and those needing deliverance. We also used to stay behind after the service and pray a whole groups of us God said my father’s house should be a house of prayer. They stopped that and said we can’t pray in the church anymore.”

He concluded with this: “What I witnessed was disgusting. I was so in shock. They are not a church they are a business. We used to have great sermons at my old church, about hell and judgement and repenting and spiritual warfare except that all stopped and now was all love, grace, live your best life, God wants you rich etc etc etc. I used to get people from church and get them to come out to the streets and witness to the lost. They told me I’m not to get anybody from hillsong. I mean you can’t make this stuff up. God told me to get out of hillsong as fast as I can. I’m telling you hillsong are the devils church I have witnessed it first hand. Absolutely disgusting. Not even a hint they are a church. Fast food business all about bums on seats.”

We have reached out to hill song and wait for a  response/comment from them.

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