Bristol based worship leader Esther Sardar joins vocalist Andy Baker to delivering a song that tackles issues of the heart

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This week’s Homegrown Worship release – Pure – is unapologetically poptastic and radio-friendly.

Bristol based worship leader Esther Sardar joins vocalist Andy Baker to delivering a song that tackles issues of the heart. Drums and bass that drive the groove sit happily alongside the wash of hammond organ and electric guitar with backing vocals that are expressive and burst into life in the chorus.

The story behind the the song…

How can we remain pure in a world driven by greed, sex and power?

I believe that our relationship with God suffers when we treat purity as a ‘would be nice’ endeavour. God still loves us whilst we maintain dirty habits and filthy attitudes, however we miss out on the freedom that comes with cleansing our hearts and minds of all the mess.

Who is Esther Sardar?

Esther Sardar is a Bristol based, Christian singer and songwriter. Her music has a distinct indie rock style with folk and pop influences. Esther has been writing songs from an early age and her inspiration has always come from her relationship with God. She is a Carmel Bible College (now Institute) graduate and has been a worship leader for over 15 years. Esther’s mission is to reveal the heart of God to the listener and inspire people from all walks of life to pursue Jesus in a deeper way. Esther is wife to Nadeem Sardar and mother of two beautiful girls, Alice and Amelia. To date, and with much thanks to #ResoundMedia, Esther has now recorded her debut mini acoustic EP ‘Sing’ and released her first single ‘Lord of Light’, which are available from iTunes, Google Play and other digital distributors. Listen to Esther’s CHRISTMAS acoustic studio session recording ‘Here Lies Redemption’ on YouTube!


Image: Esther Sardar Twitter


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