Chapter 1 of 12 In the Year 2019


“BEHOLD, I have set before you an OPEN DOOR, which no one is able to shut.” (Revelation 3:8) 

A cocoon can be a very uncomfortable place because its a place that feels Tight. Restricted and Restrained.

In 2018 many people were stuck in this place as preparation or rather a training ground for what is about to explode

this 2019, in their life. Many felt like they had lost so much in that period of transition/waiting, blind to the fact that

they were supposed to go through that metamorphosis.

The wait can be very painful because, Days turn into Months and then a Year or  Years.

However, one day, the cocoon cracked. No longer confined by walls that shattered and fell, lung expansion could be

felt as life was breathed into what looked like a dead situation, an untrained butterfly with wings fluttered, and just

like that blood pumping through your veins. A sign of life

This year you will experience acceleration and no turning back. The Heavens are open and before you is an open

door. Choose wisely what you shall do with it.

2019 is not a time for dreaming, you had 2016, 17 for that. 2018 you took steps of preparation to set/lay your

foundation as you waited for Gods command to move. The time to fly is upon us.

Trust what God has spoken over your life because this open door before you, no man can shut.

Now Go!!

Happy New Year and Gods Blessings




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