Christian Actress Seyi Omooba sacked over anti-gay post must pay legal costs

Christian Actress Seyi Omooba sacked over anti-gay post

Christian Actress Seyi Omooba was due to perform as Celie – in a stage production of The Color Purple.

The British Actress was cast in a 2019 production of The Color Purple at Leicester’s Curve Theatre.

After it was announced Omooba would be taking of the role of Celie in the production, cancel culture stepped in.

Actors who had worked with her in the past took to social media and highlighted comments she’d previously made stating that she did not believe people were born gay and homosexuality was wrong.

Not long after the posts were highlighted it was announced Omooba would be leaving the production.

The actress sued the theatre and her former agents Global Artists for £128,000.00 on the grounds of religious discrimination and breach of contract.

However, the tribunal ruled against her and could have to pay more than £300,000 ( $414,899.70 ) in legal costs after losing a tribunal.

Seyi Omooba confirms tribunal appeal after costs order

Seyi Omooba will appeal against the outcome of her employment tribunal versus Curve and Global Artists, as well as a ruling that she pay their costs, her legal team has confirmed.

Omooba was being represented by the legal arm of Christian Concern, an organisation co-founded by her father, pastor Ade Omooba MBE.

The organisation previously declared the case “will expose the mechanisms of censorship at the heart of the theatre industry”, and showed that “any dissenting views against LGBT ideology, especially Christian beliefs, are currently incompatible with a theatrical career.”

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