Christian Artist Smokie Norful calls out the Grammys for Snubbing Actual Gospel Artists!

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Following the Grammy’s, Christian artist Smokie Norful took to Instagram to share his thoughts on what many have described as the “Christian Snub”.

Norful said: “Now…no disrespect to Tori or Kirk (who is my friend and brutha and created an excellent cd) but THESE are the true winners in the GOSPEL category for the Grammys. Heavy on GOSPEL. Congratulations to each of you. I’m a bonafide fan of how awesomely God uses each of you.” This was in reference to artist such as @jonmcreynolds @thewallsgroup@todddulaney1 @korynhawthorne@jekalyncarr  @briancourtneywilson

Further adding  “All of your music has blessed and carried me personally. I pray your ministry is never reduced to the size of a statue — your anointing is HUGE. I want to publicly acknowledge the sacrifices, work, prayer, scriptural preparation, and true ministry you offer to the world. You stand on the legacy of many who have remained faithful and labored in the gospel. You are worthy of double honor. AALL the GOSPEL artists. I love you. I appreciate you. God is pleased.”

Many have criticised the grammys for going with whats popular rather than what is right as far as this category is concerned. Norful closed his observation with a bit of banter as he took swipe at the Grammy’s stating: “And who knows, maybe next year they’ll give ME a Grammy for POP music. 🤷🏽‍♂️😏”. This was probably in reference to the fact that, actual christian recording artist’s were snubbed in this category in favour of a secular artist who has recorded gospel music. 

Do you think the Gospel Category should exist at the Grammy’s? Yes/No and why? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.


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