Deitrick Haddon Gives His Thoughts On What Most Have Called Gospel Singer Le’Andria Johnson’s Misplaced Anger!

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After seeing Gospel singer Le’Andria Johnson’s video last week, Deitrick Haddon decided to post his own response online to the singer’s accusations explaining:

“I don’t think the church should have to take any blame and disdain for what crazy individuals have did to you. Why you can’t put the blame on the actual people that actually did it to you? Somebody hurts your feelings at the church so you call it church hurt. If somebody hurts your feelings at the job, at Walmart, you don’t call it Walmart hurt, or Target hurt or Starbucks hurt,”.

He emphasized that people who make claims like Johnson should blame the individuals instead of “disrespecting” the church.

“Let me give you some wisdom: crazy people are everywhere. Whether it’s in the church or outside of the church. When you are dealing with human beings, you’re dealing with flawed people period,” the gospel singer continued.

“God should not be judged for the things that crazy people do. We like to take our frustrations out on God and the Church at large because you ran into some crazy people at your church. Not all churches are bad, not all pastors are bad, just like not all people are bad, period. It’s the folks you running with, they crazy. The church you decided to go to, they crazy. Just find another church, that’s it.

He also claimed that in his two years of pastoring he’s never hurt anyone intentionally.

He concluded that sometimes people also like to bash the church because they do not like correction.

“A lot of times we’re so easy and we’re so quick to go, but sometimes we missed the opportunity to grow. A lot of people don’t like to be corrected, but let me tell you something, you can’t reach perfection, if you don’t like correction.”


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