Did God Give You The Green Light?


STOP: What is God saying in this season of your life? Awareness is important, are you paying attention.

GET READY: Setting your Gears. You are fuelling your fire (raving your engine) here in readiness to go.

LET’S GO: When God says go, you go. You don’t start looking back or trying to figure out what to carry or leave that should have been done in you season of waiting at GET READY.

Have you ever been stuck at a red traffic light especially when you are short of time, how much a relief is it when the traffic light turns green. When we are at the crossroad and waiting for those lights to go green, we  cannot wait for that amber to come one as it signals movement to progress.

Have you ever been around impatient drivers at the traffic lights who find it difficult to follow proper procedure and sometimes will run a red light in an attempt to avoid waiting, more often than not you find these type of drivers have crashed along the way. This is exactly what happens when we try to overtake God and do things our own way. However if you follow though road user guidelines, you are likely to succeed in what you are doing.

When you are in divine alignment, things move smoothly because rather than doing things with your own mind, you are being led. When God gives you the green light, its go. You are ready to make that move towards purpose but the best part is that you are being directed by the best sat nav that never gets the directions wrong.

We have to develop an ear that is able to distinguish personal voice  and opinion from God’s voice and word. If we are not in relationship we cannot develop this and if we don’t develop it, we will find ourselves stuck at red when God is saying Go at green.

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