More often than not many married people get too comfortable and there is nothing wrong with getting comfortable; however when that comfort becomes complacency to a degree where we are more concerned with work, friends  and anything and everything but building that relationship then we have a huge problem. Getting married is not a licence to stop dating your spouse! Imagine buying a car and not servicing it, I’m sure it will have many problems due to neglect.

When we vow to do life together it is vital that we continue to grow in love and build relationships by going on dates and keeping romance alive. Many are the times that we get comfortable with Friday nights on the couch and due to being tired because of work we settle for a movie on TV. Before I am misunderstood let me bring some clarity to this subject matter; there is nothing wrong with staying in and enjoying a nice dinner at home and a movie or two. However it is also important to implement nights out every now and again. Cinema dates, dinner dates and spa weekends to mention a few. Spending one on one time together is very important because it allows you time to talk and just enjoy each others company outside of your normal somewhat predictable or even stress-filled surroundings. It is a NICE breath of fresh air.

My husband and I create a mini to do list every December of activities we would love to do or even trips etc… We also write down areas in our relationship we would like to work on and improve. I know we live together and see each other but when we date it is an opportunity to get away from the little one and give each other undivided attention and that should be a necessity for every relationship.

The world has changed so much and we live in a digital age where two people can live in the same house yet be so disconnected. When we say our vows we talk about how we will be devoted to one another yet easily become sidetracked with social media, phones and emails  in the process disconnecting.  In our house we have a rule No TV in bed, no Mobile phones as we prefer to connect face to face. Every now and again we many sneak a book in because my husband and I love to read so we do our own little book club and may discuss points from a book we are reading. We have noticed that the no TV and phone rule has really allowed us the opportunity to share our dreams and work on them but most of all build memorable memories that we can laugh about in the near future.

Well, below is a list of some random or planned things we love to do, please share yours in the comment section and also don’t forget to let us know if this was helpful.

1 – Coffee or Afternoon tea dates

2 – Spontaneous road trips

3 – Spa weekends

4 – Walks in the Park

5 – Cooking Lessons

6 – Spontaneous or planned City Breaks

7 – Picnics

8 – Gym/Running together

9 – Marriage Seminars / Christian Conferences

10 – Business Seminars

God bless you


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