In february, news broke that Pastor and Gospel recording artist Donnie McClurkin and gospel singer Nicole C Mullen were dating and social media errupted with Joyful noises amongst the few naysayers. On last Thursday night’s episode of Praise the Lord, TBN’s show, Matt Crouch in excitement announced: ‘OK, are you ready for something? You want me to just drop something on ya? Donnie McClurkin’s getting married! Come on!’

So unlike many “media” houses who went on spreading the errenaous news without doing journalist research, we held our peace until we could know the authenticity of the news. So does the news have any weight and truth to it? I guess the answer is not so straight forward.

Pastor Donnie and his girlfriend, Nicole C. Mullen, clarified earlier this week that he has yet to pop the question and they are not engaged.

During Nicole’s Periscope Bible study on Monday, she spoke about the marriage announcement made on TBN’s “Praise the Lord” last Thursday, saying that while the couple is “definitely on the road to marriage,” they are not engaged.

“There’s a protocol that both he and I want to honor. So, are we officially engaged? No,” Mullen said. “Are we on the road to marriage? Yes.”

So there you have it from the horses mouth.

God bless you



Image:courtesy of google images


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