Empowerment In Christian Mentoring

It is very important to establish a mentor early on in your Christian journey. Jesus Christ is our greatest example to follow after, but, it is also vital to identify someone here on earth you can have a heart to heart with about your strength’s and struggles, because they help encourage you. I always tell newbies in the kingdom to keep in mind that there is someone out there whose been on this journey they have just embarked on, and that they do not have to travel this journey alone.

By establishing a mentor-ship relationship, you save yourself the hassle of making avoidable mistakes that can be costly. A mentors job is to help guide new converts, encourage them through some of the toughest challenges in this faith journey and also to help them achieve advancement in their spirit life in sometimes complex environments.

I know the dynamics of the Christian faith or rather church have changed vastly over the years. With an ever growing culture of celebrity pastors, not many people are lucky enough to easily access a mentor/pastors to disciple them. Some churches even charge members to have access to a pastor (sad state). However, never let that stop you from identifying someone you can seek guidance from. I always encourage new converts to grab mentor-ship opportunities by the horn and hold on. What many people fail to realize in this fast paced world, is that you will face challenges.

It is important to have fellow brothers and sisters who know the word and are prayerful o help you grow in the faith. Never be shy to ask for help if you need it. More often than not, new converts who have a mentor effectively navigate through this journey as they have people to help nurture them.

Do you have any stories from when you first became born again and support systems you had in place, if so, were they effective and would you encourage someone else to have a mentor.

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