Faith Comes By Hearing!


There were two complete strangers who one day went to see their Dr’s due to feeling under the weather. After some medical tests being carried out, it was determined that they both unfortunately had Cancer (Same type of cancer). The Dr delivered this news to both of them and Patient A, was so distraught, took advise of all the treatments available to him and went home and told his family that he had been diagnosed with cancer and he was dying.

However, upon hearing this news patient B refused to accept this sad, life stealing and defeating news, he simply said to the Dr; ‘Thank you for your time Dr but with all due respect your lab results are wrong, I know whose report I believe and I know for that reason that this diagnosis is null and void’. The Dr tried to talk to him about treatments available to him, but he absolutely stood on the word of God and really took the definition of faith off the charts.

Patient B then met a man of God from his community that he had known for a while, and he said confided in this Pastor and said; ‘can you believe this Dr tried to tell me I have cancer’. The pastor simply asked him, “what do you believe?” He told the pastor about his belief in the healing power of God and how he was not going to accept the Dr’s report. The pastor simply prayed with him and told him as you have believed God will answer according to the measure of your faith and prayed with him believing that he indeed was cancer free as to the confession of his mouth and heart.

Fast forward to 20 years later last year in 2017, when i first heard this powerful testimony. Patient B, indeed is cancer free, no chemo, no medicines but just the name of Jesus. Glory to God.  As many of you know, we so often read and recite Romans 10:17

Romans 10:17

17: So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

Do you also know that the voices you will allow to speak into our lives can either plant seeds of life or destruction? Don’t get this encouragement wrong or assume it is a tool to takeaway from the brilliance of Dr’s. This is simply to emphasise on the importance of being careful as to whom you give your ear to, because the tongue has the power to life or death.

Besides the bible does teach us that many perish because of lack of knowledge (Its not that the knowledge is not there. Its just others choose to reject knowledge.)

So back to faith; Jesus instilled in disciples the principle of faith because He knew the importance of faith and its capabilities. Hence why it was very important for Jesus all through-out His teachings to shift the mind-set of these ordinary men and fishermen called his disciples.


Whom are you allowing to speak into your life today and whose report will you believe?

I’m a christian and I’m proud

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