In the past few years, many “gospel singers” have censored Jesus out of their music. It has become so bad that you almost never hear Jesus in these gospel tracks that are supposed to be about God. Don’t get me wrong, obviously not every song has to mention Jesus, because the gospel of Christ is too versatile. However Fantasia changed all that yesterday.

Someone whom others would ridicule as unsaved even out did our so called Men and Women in Gospel as she unashamedly proclaimed about the power of Jesus and how it brought her out of her darkest days, as she took GMA by storm with her latest song, I MADE IT. I will let the video below speak for itself.

“I Made It” is one of the tracks featured on Fantasia’s new album, The Definition Of. The record will be released on Friday. The album, the singer’s fifth, also includes “Ugly,” which Fantasia performed on the American Idol series finale in April.

The Definition Of is her first album since 2013. Prior to taking the stage inside the “GMA” studio, Fantasia tweeted, “This song is for you Grandma. Tune in!!” The inspirational track is one that will lift your spirit.

Should God have to cause Rocks to cry out? The church of God needs to wake up from their sleep. As for me and my house “Never will a rock cry out in our place.”

God bless you



Video: courtesy of youtube

Image:courtesy of google images

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