Fill Up The Skies picks up the tempo as the sixth release from Homegrown Worship.

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Having gained support from and Christian radio stations in the UK, every Thursday evening the latest Homegrown Worship songs are premiered on UCB2 as part of the Live Praise show.

Fill Up The Skies picks up the tempo as the sixth release from Homegrown Worship. Having shared several reflective and contemplative worship songs, the praise dial is turned up full for this recording.

Powerful guitar and synths are coupled with images of the stars, lightning and thunder as the song invites people to worship the Lord of Creation. Whilst many worship leaders opt for a lot of slow and mid-tempo songs for Sunday mornings, this upbeat and rousing song could well be an anthem for gatherings and conferences in the coming years.

Homegrown Worship is a community committed to sharing brand new worship songs each week. Chief Enthusiast Andy Baker is modelling the idea that it’s possible to write, record and share new songs on a regular basis and invite people to share their own homegrown songs via

This autumn the community will be piloting online songwriting journeys where writers will be given online stimulus and support to create new works.

The story behind the the song

I was recently asked by a journalist if we really needed any more worship songs as there are so many already in existence. It is estimated that there are over 100 billion stars in the milky way. Each star emits light, and in the same way every song of worship shines a light and tells the story of who God is and the amazing things He’s done. In answer to his questions… we need as many songs of praise and worship as there are stars in the sky. This is why the vision of Homegrown Worship is to share new songs every day… an occasional new creation isn’t enough.

Image Credit: Andy Baker

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