Find out why the archbishop of Canterbury doesn’t pray for his daughter’s disability to be healed


Speaking on issues around healing, disability and mental health, the Archbishop of Canterbury and his daughters Katharine and Ellie have spoken of how they have wrestled with these issues.

The family was Interviewed for the BBC by Kate Monaghan and Simon Minty in connection with a forthcoming Lambeth Palace event on disability, Justin Welby said his family’s personal experience gave an ’emotional edge’ to his commitment to inclusivity. Katharine Welby-Roberts has written about her experience of depression in her book I Thought There Would Be Cake, while Ellie has dyspraxia.

When asked about Christian healing, Welby said that ‘for me the problem with healing is not that God never heals or that God always heals, it’s just that God just seems sometimes to heal’ – but not, he added, in ‘any of the things that have affected me or the family most deeply’.

He said that while he prayed for Katharine’s mental health, he had not prayed for Ellie’s healing. The family had discussed it, he said, but Ellie’s younger sister had said that ‘if God changed Ellie she wouldn’t be Ellie, and we love Ellie’.

The Archbishop of Canterbury said his daughter’s disability is part of her.

Justin Welby Image Credit Telegraph

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