Finding your Passion!


Finding Your Passion!!

Before we even begin this article, the first thing to acknowledge when in pursuit of purpose is that, Gods thoughts are higher. (Isaiah 55:8-9)

Over the years I have spoken with many “Unhappy People” young and old. Many of them who felt like they were not living out their passion nor pursuing purpose. The problem is that many of us have collided with destiny. So what do I mean? Many of us, including myself, without knowing constantly come into conflict with our purpose and that can be down to varying reasons. However, the biggest reason is down to the choices we are making daily. This can then hinder me from finding my passion or you from finding out what your passion is.

Have you ever felt like no matter how hard you work and no matter how much bigger your pay cheque is getting, you are just never satisfied? In a recent poll we took on our Facebook page as high as 94% people said they are not happy and given the chance would walk away from a 9-5 to pursue their passion and live out their purpose.  This figure coming from almost all the people was astonishing.

I always tell people you can walk into your office today and quit if you wanted to, because you have that power to do so. However, before you can pursue whatever you think or believe your dream is, you need to figure out a few things.

    What are you passionate about?

  1. Write what you are passion about. (i.e, business is my passion and why?)
  2. Try out your various passions before you rush to quit your job.
  3. Stay consistent in whatever you are trialing.

These elements are very important if you are to become successful at whatever you put your mind to. Passion is very important because it is the only thing that will keep fueling your fire, even when you seem to not be producing fruit during your transition period. You may be asking yourself, how do I find my passion, Well, if you are looking to find your purpose, there are many books that help you find your passion. However, before you invest in these books, maybe begin by trying out various things you like.

Please don’t lose heart quickly, keep in mind that cementing your passion in concrete is not always easy because it comes with its own challenges. Before building my thriving business in coaching Mommy’s who would like to transition from employment into self employment/entrepreneurship, I spent many years in a well paying Government job that left me less than satisfied daily. Even with all the nice perks it came with, something was always missing.

However, being in that job wasn’t all bad because it re-affirmed my long life dream of wanting to be self employed. It was in that job that I also discovered my passion to empower others was propelled and cemented. Then, when unexpectedly my health hit rock bottom and I was met with a life altering surgery that meant I could no longer go to work, I knew this was reality knocking on my door.

I know for many people passion can mean many things and for me passion is not career passion oriented only. I believe it is one’s life work, the legacy you build and leave behind, to something simple as bringing joy to others. Figuring out what makes your feet tap and your heart beat can be a challenge, however, if you can answer these questions then you are getting closer to finding your passion.

How to find career passion or purpose?

  • 1: What do I really want?
  • 2: What am I good at?
  • 3: How can I best serve others?
  • 4: How can I meet my financial needs?

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