Former Lakewood Pastor John Gray Installed As Pastor Of Relentless Church


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Congratulations are in order to Pastor John Gray and his wife Aventer, who were welcomed in as the new pastor of Relentless Church this past Sunday, May 6, 2018. Gray is taking over the former Redemption Church space as Pastors Ron and Hope Carpenter relocate to San Jose, Calif. to pastor.

Pastor Carpenter asked believers in the building to encourage Pastor Gray who was overcome with emotion as he was warmly welcomed. Pastor Carpenter said to the congregation “stretch your hand out to a man who is going to receive a great baton.” Moments later, he passed Gray a key that would unlock every door in the 250,000-square-foot building.

“I just wanted the devil to see how badly he lost,” Pastor Gray said to the applause that welcomed him.  “In a time when the nation is still so divided by class and by race, here, on a Sunday morning, white pastors just handed over their life’s work … to black pastors. In South Carolina. Hello, Relentless.”

We wish the Grays the very best.

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