Formula One heiress Petra Ecclestone talks about finding God.


The Ecclestone name is normally clouded with drama. In 2016, Petra Eccleston’s stepmother was kidnapped and threatened with decapitation in Brazil (she was rescued), her brother-in-law Lee Stunt died of an accidental drug overdose last year, and two years ago her £66m Chelsea home was attacked by arsonists with a petrol bomb. It would appear a dark cloud has followed the family.

However, thank God for Petra’s faith and prayers because they keep the family protected though they may not see it now.  In a recent Interview with The Times, Petra Eccleston talked about finding God. Ecclestone is a regular churchgoer even though she was not raised that way. She told the times, “I grew up in a very nonreligious household. My dad was like a Buddhist, so, the opposite.”

She found God and was baptized at 22 years old at St Peter’s Church in Belsize Park and her belief has endured, allowing her to negotiate the rocky moments of the past year of her life. “It helped to give me faith that everything was going to be OK,” she says. “I used to go to church and pray.” For the most part, she adds, the rest of her family find her “strange”.

May we all continue to pray for her.

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Petra Eccleston Image Credit Steve Schofield Times


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