Gluten Free – King Soba Noodles Review

Product Review

Once upon a time……… and then came these buckwheat noodles through the post (a whole box of them) and boy have they worked really well for me and my family.

The noodles are good either in soups or stir-fried with sauces and vegetables (oh and because our little one loves spaghetti I decided to try and make these with tomato purée and mince for her dinner in place of spaghetti made from grains). Unlike some other buckwheat noodles sold in many places, these appear to be actually really wheat free, for once. The packaging is sturdy, and inside each of the packs, the noodles are subdivided into thirds, which are just about right for generous individual meal sized portions.

LO is hooked and so is Hubby. Mum and Dad who once tried some when they visited and ended up taking 2 packs with them on their journey back home.

Bottom line: these noodles are terrific for those with an intolerance to gluten or even just hoping to avoid gluten and white rice and to add a good source of buckwheat to the diet.

Out of 10 I rate these a 20 🙂 they’re just that great.

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