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 Have Mercy – Song #3 from Homegrown Worship

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Have Mercy is the third song to be unearthed by Homegrown Worship, a new community committed to sharing brand new Christian worship songs every week.

The recent announcement that Soul Survivor Festival would be stopping in 2019 has left many people in the church pondering where the next wave of contemporary worship will come from. Mike Pilavachi, the leader of the 20,000 strong summer-event which introduced the likes of Matt Redman and Tim Hughes said that the decision was made in part to to ‘make space of others to rise up’.

The song has been written, sung and recorded by Andy Baker, who is known best for his work with leading contemporary Christian artist Philippa Hanna who he has managed for over a decade. As songs are released, listeners are invited to submit their own songs via the Homegrown Worship website as the community seeks to find hidden musical treasures in churches around the globe.

Having gained support from our very own founder at Imachrisitanandimproud.com who has been sharing news of the Homegrown Worship releases and other Christian radio stations in the UK, every Thursday evening, the latest Homegrown Worship songs are premiered on UCB2 as part of the Live Praise show.

The story behind the the song

As I’ve been travelling through the Gospels, I’ve been reminded afresh of the mercy of Jesus. He was compassionate to people who were afflicted and gave dignity to so many who were shunned by society. In Mark 10, Jesus heals Bartimaeus from blindness after he appeals for Jesus to have mercy upon him. The heart of Jesus demonstrates sympathy and concern for the people he meets who are in need.

In January of this year I had a lingering cough that can be heard on most of the voice-memos of my song ideas, my wife had been suffering from prolonged morning sickness, contracted flu (which is not great when you’re pregnant) and my daughter awoke one morning with chicken pox. This song came to me in a time that we were all in need of some comfort and healing.

Sickness and disabilities come in all shapes and sizes, however I believe that God’s heart remains the same; rich in mercy. From the seemingly trivial temporary illness to life-limited injuries, his healing hands are swift to our aid. I hope and pray that the song brings comfort to people in need of a touch from God. As we see in the Gospels and to quote a line from my friend Godfrey Birtil, ‘just one touch from the King changes everything’.

Andy Baker
Chief Enthusiast, Homegrown Worship

Image Credit: Andy Baker

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