Hollywood Actress is showing people believing in God ‘is a good thing’ and ‘cool’


Actress Gianna Simone, who stars in “Run the Race,” says her belief in God has given her the strength to overcome the most harrowing moments of her life.

“I love that there’s more and more faith-based films coming out. It’s a beautiful thing to show people that believing in God is cool and believing in God is a good thing,” Simone told The Christian Post at the Hollywood premiere of “Run The Race” on Feb 11.

In addition to “Run The Race,” the actress, who’s best known for her secular work, has been featured in three other faith-based films: the blockbuster hit “I Can Only Imagine,” “God Bless the Broken Road” and “Unbroken: Path to Redemption.”

“It’s the greatest thing you can ever do in your life — bringing God and showing people that He loves us through our deepest and darkest times, through our most beautiful glorious highs, and that He’s constantly with us, that He’s not mad at us, that He’s madly in love with us,” she said.

“I love God because it’s so true and real to me and God has brought me out of my deepest, darkest times too,” Simone added. “I speak from experience, I have been in some serious lows in my life, horrible times.”

The Boston native said that having her own moments of despair has made her more empathetic and compassionate.

“It makes you wake up and realize that there’s horrible things going on in the world and that we’re not alone. that there’s good people out there, that there’s God who lives in us through the Holy Spirit. And when we accept Christ into our heart the Holy Spirit comes in and then we can help each other and really be the hands and the feet of Jesus, loving on each other, taking care of each other, making sure that others are OK.” Simone testified.

Gianna Simone – Run The Race – Image -Twitter

Source – Christian Post


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