Home is Song Number Five from Homegrown Worship

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Home is the latest song to be shared by the new song community Homegrown Worship. Drawing inspiration from the story of The Lost Son combined with lines from Psalm 84, the song centres around the idea of there being nowhere better to be than in the Father’s House.

Songwriters are being invited to share their own homegrown songs and recordings with the community at homegrownworship.com in a bid to unearth new songs that can be shared with a wider audience. Recent lyric videos have received over 10,000 views on social media demonstrating the keen appetite for new songs around the globe.

The story behind the the song
It’s not uncommon that people think that God is angry at them which leads to sense of separation. Some people fear opening their hearts to God because they are scared that He will express His disappointment regarding their decisions. If you’re feeling far from God, He’s not wanting you to come home to shout at you… He desires a moment of reconciliation and a continued relationship. He enthusiastically welcomes us home, He celebrates our return and is eager to restore our wearied souls.

We were all created to part of God’s family.

We’ve all turned away from Him at some point.

When we end up in a mess, there’s a loving Father eager to welcome us home as sons and daughters.

Andy Baker
Chief Enthusiast, Homegrown Worship



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