I was wondering if I should write anything about what has been and continues to happen to my family regarding Covid-19?


I was wondering if I should write anything about what has been and continues to happen to my family and I regarding Covid-19 and I knew that I must tell my story if not to help save the many who reads this from the pain and suffering this disease brings.

I was diagnosed with Covid-19 March 13th 2020 for which I have spent the most part of two weeks in the hospital Icu suffering from something that no one has a true understanding of what it does until they are infected. After being infected I started feeling chills and didn’t realize I had this and within days of my first signs March 8th-13 I was rushed to the hospital and admitted for sever difficulty with breathing. The infection had began to attack my lungs and made it where the very breathe I held for granted days before couldn’t even reach the bottom of my lungs.

By last week Wednesday into Thursday a new type of pneumonia only seen with this infection had taken hold and I couldn’t even take a small breathe of air in for my lungs were inflamed and the pneumonia made it feel as if an elephant was on my chest. The normal meds used to fight pneumonia and help open the airways could not be used for it would cause the infection to spread uncontrollably and all I could do was cry in pain for the fevers brought with them sever chills with pain that I could only possibly explain as like having someone drill into your bones with nothing to numb you before hand. The fevers would break but would return later with a vengeance and I would suffer once again.

The staff in the hospital have been so afraid that they wouldn’t come in to help me as I would sit and gasp for air because they where afraid of catching this virus thanks to not enough protective gear and I would accidentally be abused because of this fear. Trays of food to help nourish me would be left outside of my room for hours until it was cold and melted because of the fear and meds that I needed I never fully received. The other day I was so afraid that they would hurt me again because of having to move me around to make room for someone else and the last time I was accidentally choked by the cord connected to me because no one wanted to touch it. I was also tired of being scrubbed so hard that it hurt areas of my body that couldn’t handle such pressure. So I left the hospital to be home where I can be safe and have the meds I need to live. As my nurse was bringing me down, security and told her to leave me outside until my father came which he was told to pick me up somewhere else and she refused knowing that I’m sick and I as a patient can’t be left outside alone so she stayed with me until he came and apologized to the both of us and said that the virus has made so many become afraid for their lives and that they don’t know what to do.

The next day my father collapsed in the bathroom and was taken and admitted to Resurrection hospital on talcott for possible Corona since he was dehydrated and experiencing difficulty breathing as well. My mother has the virus as well and she is in isolation at elmhurst on oxygen possibly facing having to be put on a ventilator for the virus is doing to her lungs what it has done to mine. She is scared beyond imagine and fears death. I can not blame her for even now I wonder if I have escaped deaths clutches once more and just a few days before they where both hospitalized I said to my mother that if I die know that I love them and that Im truly sorry for everything that this virus has done(something no man or woman should need to ever do).

I am home with my brother his girlfriend and santino under quarantine fighting every day to regain what I once had. My lungs still don’t function as they once did and it is easy for me to lose my breath. My body is still feeling weak as my weight is now down to 125 and my legs have lost significant amount of muscle. The weakness has effected my speech where at times I begin to stutter uncontrollably.

I ask that you continue to pray for my family and I for this battle is far from over and this virus shows no mercy it is an evil that nobody dreamed could be.

I know so many of you think that this virus is nothing or it won’t effect you badly but the truth is, it can wipe out a whole family in just one moment and not bat an eye as it moves to the next. It doesn’t care who you are or what you believe and having a prexisting condition only makes it easier for this monster to spread into your body unchecked until you are gasping for the breathe you held once easily held.

Please listen to this warning and share with everyone for I never stood a chance but the rest of you can and possibly save a life from suffering what my family and I are suffering from now.

Blessing and Good Luck

Before or After you read this, please say a prayer for this Family

Disclaimer: This is a first hand account and has therefore been re-posted as originally posted without editing.

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