‘I’ll wait for you’ by Dave Wellington – Song #34 from Homegrown Worship @hgwsongs

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Dave Wellington has long been established within church ministry. Having served at Kensington Temple in Notting Hill Gate, London, for over 15 years, you can hear the well of experience portrayed in his music.

Drawing upon influences such as Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel, I’ll Wait For You is a seismic way to start the first Handpicked playlist. The opening laid-back vibe leads you deeper into forests of hammond organs, electric pianos and cascading melodies, before gradually building to a thicket of expansive guitars, crashing cymbals and a heartfelt cry for the presence of God.

The song is an outstanding example and showcase for going beyond the pre-defined ‘standards’ of Contemporary Christian Music to explore and unearth the sound that is in the ground, buried deep within each worshipper.

And who said all worship music sounds the same…?!


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