Is the President Simply Fulfilling Prophesy – Israel!



President Donald Trump has announced that America is to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and it has sparked outcry as warnings of obstruction to peace efforts in the Middle East have been expressed by some and at the same time praises from around the world as some have hailed him.

A White House official told reporters on Tuesday “The president believes this is a recognition of reality,” according to Reuters. Evangelicals have hailed Trump’s decision whilst the Pope has shown concern. Amid this Jerusalem Crisis the top Middle East Adviser to the President Dina Powell has quit the White House. She was involved in the Presidents efforts to advance an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement. Should all this come as a shock to Bible believing Christians? Let us take a closer look at what the bible says about this situation between Israel and Palestine.

So what do the Scriptures actually say about this? CBN had this to add to the matter “It is interesting that those who insist it belongs to the Jews fix on God’s promises to Abraham in Genesis, and on the prophecies about Israel in the latter days. Intentionally or not, they skip over what Judges 1 to 3 has to say on the subject. In all my years, I have never heard one sermon linking this passage to the subject, and have often wondered why. To set the stage, look at Joshua 13:1-5 where God tells Joshua, shortly before his death, which areas are yet to be possessed, from the “region of the Philistines” in the south to “Lebo Hamath” in the north. Judges opens, however, with the statement that Israel had failed to drive these people out. Because of this, the Angel of the Lord tells them, “I will no longer drive them out before you; they will be thorns in your sides. … I will use them to test Israel and see whether they will keep the way of the Lord” (2:3, 22; 3:4). This explains why the Philistines especially were a thorn in the side of the Children of Israel then, and why the Palestinians are in exactly the same position today. The Word of God clearly teaches then that although God had promised the land to the seed of Abraham, and although it will one day be the seat of the coming Messianic Kingdom, the Palestinians will remain in the land as long as it suits His purposes.”

As you can notice from the above text that this is a very complex situation and it is not as easy as people think. Do you think the Presidents decision to recognise Jerusalem was right or wrong and if so why? Please let us share and educate one another. Leave a comment and invite others to get involved.

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  • This may be the reason God allowed Trump to win the presidency.

  • Larry Lewallen says:

    I was born in 1949 so in my life I have seen many things in the Bible come to true. I don’t know how it will before the 2nd coming of Jesus is all can say you must be born again , believe on him ,trust in him ,without him you are left behind. As I look at America I see that she has left him. Mr. Trump is the only leader of America that has the courage to stand up for God as the leader of this country. God bless you Mr. Trump.

    • All politics aside. Yes Trump is doing things that led to the culmination of God’s will. From a man who denies that he has never felt the need to confess his sin to God, I emphatically state he is not a Christian. That being said God uses all manner of people, good and evil to bring about His purpose. Why some Christians think he is the savior of the world is beyond my comprehension. Trump like all the rest of us is used of God to bring about His Devine will. It is not about Trump, it’s about God! I sometimes feel (from the Christian Right, of whom I am myself) that the President is some all knowing prophet sent by God. I believe he may have been sent, but he is not among the names written in the Lamb’s book of life.

  • I believe he is fulfilling prophesy.

  • Emily Young says:

    We all really need to get on our knees and pray for the world. The word of God is being fulfilled right before our eyes and we are living in the last days. Really well written piece and very insightful. I need to read the bible more often and will look at the powerful scriptures referenced. Wow!

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