‘Jesus is on Your Side’: Tim Tebow Preaches Powerful Message to Fans


Some people argue about the negativity of social media and its effects on society. However, one thing we cannot deny is, its positive attributes as well. For example when we see mega music artists or actors and actresses utilize their social media for the greater good in reaching their young and old fans through the preaching of the gospel.

It was not any different when Tim Tebow took to Instagram to preach an inspiring message for fans on his page this week.

Tebow starts out by comparing life to a football game in a video titled, “Jesus is on your side.”

“If we were playing in a game right now and we were down by a huge margin, 50 to nothing, in the middle of the game and it’s still the first quarter. But we knew, we just knew that at the end we’re going to have a miraculous comeback, how much confidence would we have?” he asks.

Its so empowering to see those with great influence use it for the Kingdom.

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