Justin Bieber joins Maverick City Music’s Chandler Moore for powerful worship set

Justin Bieber and Chandler Moore lead powerful worship session

Justin Bieber recently joined Chandler Moore of Maverick City Music for a worship session at Pastor Judah Smith’s Churchome.

Bieber and Moore sang a number of songs, including Maverick’s “Jireh,” “How He Loves,” and one of Bieber’s recent gospel single’s, “Where Do I Fit In.”

It was a night of one accord as the two emotionally sang their hearts out to Jesus in worship.

“We pray for your peace right now to fill this room; peace be still,” prayed Bieber at one point during the service.

“I speak peace to every single person’s mind in this room.

Any turmoil that you’re facing, any turmoil that you are facing, I bind it in the name of Jesus.

Fear is not welcomed here. Shame is not welcomed here.

“Thank you, Jesus Bieber said, adding: “Thank you that we are all alive as he continued: Thank you that you are here right now.” continued.

“Your presence changes everything. … You designed us with a plan and a purpose. We thank you for music.”

He then proceeded to ask God to “use” him in his “brokenness, humanness, in his pain and struggle to change the world” and “help people.”


Justin Bieber and Churchome

Justin Bieber is a proud member of Churchome.

The artist has been more vocal about his membership following Hillsong’s firing of Carl Lentz, the former pastor of its New York City location, for “moral failures.”

Following the scandal, the “Holy” singer publicly clarified that his church affiliation is with Churchome, not Hillsong.

“BTW Hillsong is not my church. For clarity I am a part of Churchome,” he wrote on instagram.

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