Aside being an heir of the Clark Family lineage, Kierra Sheard is also known for her amazing vocal range and what some call an “honest” approach to her life in the music industry. Somehow, she has managed to come under fire overnight, for performing Beyonce’s “FREEDOM”. Whilst some have accused her of compromise, some have hailed her as a versatile artist performing an honest song especially in a time were there is social tension due to the magnitude of injustice faced by some races in america.

A comment by an anonymous contributor read;

“How can we expect to have influence over the world if they are the ones holding that kind of power over us…. Are we not called to be the light in darkness, c’mon saints what’s happening to the church of today?”

Many people will have an opinion about this matter, however I believe the best judgement is from the word because that is the basis of our guiding principals as believers and secondly, what is her conviction as a believer.

Kierra knows the word and is a teacher of the word sometimes, therefore only she knows why she is choosing the path she is taking as this is not the first time she has taken on secular music. If she has weighed herself against the word and see’s nothing wrong with the route she has chosen, then maybe it is not in our place to judge. However, in the case that no one has pointed out the compromise, then hopefully she has people around her who may not fear being honest with her life choices.

I will end by saying that we need to remember that we are now living in a new age where some are more concerned with you-tube views, making it onto the latest gossip site or trending topic therefore not many will approach their Christian walk honestly and weighing themselves up against the word.

The bible says that in the last days apostasy will grow, (Apostasy means to fall away from the truth.) and we are seeing more and more of this happening to the church of today. Many who were once strong in the faith are a rebelling against God in their rejection of His truth.

That is not what I am accusing Kierra Sheard of in any way, before my words are taken out of context. I am simply pointing out the many changes happening within the dynamics of the Christian faith. I hope you have all been blessed by this post and that we will all keep praying for one another in the faith and beyond the four walls.

God bless you



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