Medics can now video chat with emergency callers to ‘instantly assess’ patients!


Emergency services can now instantly assess patients from afar thanks to a new app – which uses live video streaming technology.

The GoodSAM platform has a new feature that enables medics to initiate a video link with U.K 999 callers, allowing them to determine the severity of casualties before arriving on scene.

It has been reported that two air ambulance services have already begun using the technology, which aims to improve how emergency resources are deployed. It has also been announced that another feature is still in the trial stages, this new feature will allow crews to measure a patient’s pulse using just a video stream, the developers said.

It is said that this  ‘instant on scene’ technology works by sending a text message to the 999 caller’s phone.

By opening a link, the caller sends their location, grants access to their phone’s camera and the video streaming begins. The 999 call can continue while the video is streaming, allowing emergency services to provide advice and assess the patient.

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Image Credit GoodSAMapp PA Wire


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