Members Leaving Celebrity Pastor’s Church, VOUS: ‘The Pulpit Is Not A Platform To Be Used For Attacking The President’ Said One Member.


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Most of you will remember Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr, as the famous celebrity pastor who married Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. It would appear some of his members are very displeased and feel that his church’s pulpit has turned into a political comedy platform and therefore are leaving.

Here is an excerpt from one of his members comments left on his Instagram post:

  • honestopen9574  “Taking my family and leaving this church. After serving on teams for a long while and being a GENEROUS monthly giver, we can’t continue to sew into a platform that is increasingly being used to slam the president of the United States. Breaks my heart how idle chatter against the president even on their teams is almost condoned. We will always love you guys and believe strongly in what God is accomplishing through this community. But though slandering Trump is ‘popular’ it’s such a meaningless and unnecessary thing to participate in- that will cost you. And already has. I know a family that left last year after VOUS Conf because they could not believe how you allowed John Gray to spend the first 5 minutes of his sermon blasting Trump. No matter the president- God gives and takes away position. We are instructed to love and pray for those we disagree with—- except Trump? I certainly didn’t vote for him but how about we take the high road? The mans trying. If your going to Marry Kim and Kanye- who have done more to corrupt this generation than most icons combined— how about we stop with the Trump hating. I’m sure you weren’t publicly taking slams at Obama like that.”

The pastor who married Kim kardashian and Kanye west, has recently celebrated the birth of their miracle baby, after struggling with fertility issues for a while. He is currently promoting his new book “Friend of Sinners” a good read by the way. Go get it.

Opinion: While it is true that the pulpit must never be used as a platform for slander, we also understand that people can misunderstand certain things when said. In this instance we await to seek more clarity from Pastor Rich, as to what has really gone on.

BTW: Could anyone care to enlighten us as to what that hand gesture he is throwing up, in this picture means as many over over on our Facebook Page have asked.

Is it ASL ” I LOVE YOU?” or something called “Baphomet” as others have suggested??

Dad Life. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

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