Miracle Recovery of Leading PGA Golfer’s Wife Who Nearly Died, Now Inspiring Others!


When Golfer Marc Leishman took an early lead at the Masters Tournament as the PGA’s premiere event kicked off Thursday morning with his wife Audrey on site, it was a moment that almost didn’t happen. Leishman’s wife nearly died three years ago.

The Leishman’s took some time to sit down with CBN’s Studio 5 just before the tournaments began, to share their story.

“I was having some stomach issues and thought it was just a stomach flu,” said Audrey. What she thought was the flu turned out to be sepsis, toxic shock syndrome, and acute respiratory distress syndrome.

Her medical emergency happened just before the 2015 PGA Masters Tournament.

“I was down there the week before, and you get the phone call that almost changes your life,” Marc said.

His wife’s condition was so severe Marc withdrew from that year’s tournament.

“We later found out if I hadn’t gone to the ER that night, there was a very good chance I wouldn’t have woken up,”  Audrey said.

You can visit CBN to hear the Leishmans’ entire miraculous story.

Image Credit:The Virginia Pilot

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