It is so rare to find successful yet humble and God loving individuals these days. This year, a certain Nandi Mngoma (No stranger to our knowledge) caused quite a stir at the BET Awards.

The BET Awards red carpet was stunning this year, but one woman stole the show in a black and white dress with symmetrical details. Nandi Mngoma is the rising South African singer whose red carpet dress was stunning to us all! “BGLH2016”

One of my many favourite scriptures, Matthew 23:12 reads;

12: For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.

What amazes me about Nandi is her awareness and reverence of God, the author of her destiny. The giver of life and blessings as she acknowledges Him constantly through her journey in this life.

She realises that with God on her side, nothing or no one can be against her as she recently posted on her Instagram.

There is nothing that can get in the way of what God has planned for you.

Nandi is definitely someone to watch and the Spotlight Feature for this month.


God bless you



Video: courtesy of youtube

Image:courtesy of nandi’s instagram

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