Natalie Grant: “You Cannot Be A Follower Of Christ And Have Any Seed Of Racism In Your Heart”


In an exclusive interview with Erica Campbell of Mary Mary, Natalie grant shared her heart on race matters.

Natalie Grant expressed her belief that more people need to listen to their fellow brothers and sisters who are experiencing, and have experienced racism. She emphasised on the unity that is necessary and that can come about if people could just listen more.

She stated that more and more people need to have greater compassion about what others are going through. Further sating that;

‘There is no way you can be a follower of Christ and be racist’ because ‘God did not put that in your heart and you cannot walk in Christ that way.’

You can listen to that rest of that interview at “Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell

Image Credit: Natalie Grant Facebook

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