Pastor Brian Houston of Hillsong Ministered the Love of Jesus to Controversial Rapper 6ix9ine


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On his current Book Promotion and appearance at the Breakfast club, Pastor Brian Houston didn’t miss the opportunity to minister to controversial Brooklyn rapper 6ix9ine (a.k.a. Teka$hi 6ix9ine) when asked to do so, by one of the co-hosts cthagod. It appears that even though a story broke out by Genius detailing 6ix9ine’s alleged involvement in the Use of a Child in a Sexual Performance that didn’t stop the rise of his breakout hit “Gummo.” 

6ix9ine had criticised Genius at the time for apparently not sharing the full story, to which Genius responded:

“Genius stands behind its original report, which clearly states that Daniel Hernandez is guilty of one felony count of Use of a Child in a Sexual Performance. Documentation obtained by Genius states that he was 18 at the time.”

Well, as the bible says that Christ came to redeem sinners and it is out job to be fishers of men, Pastor Houston didn’t hesitate to minister Jesus to 6ix9ine and went ahead and prayed for him, asking God to give him wisdom to utilise his gift in a positive way.


Video and Image Credit: Screenshot of cthagod/instagram

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