So… Yes you are hearing it first right here. R&B Singer Tweet and Pastor Jamal Bryant are dating. So I, like many of you are confused with how he went from joking about how he “forgot to tell his ex wife he was into open relationships” when Mo’Nique and her Husband guest appeared on The Preachers talk show to stating that Tweet is now his ‘Last Lady;

Pastor Jamal Bryant is of Baltimore-based mega church Empowerment Temple AME Church. Pastor Bryant was formerly married to Real Housewives of Potomac star Giselle Bryant, but their marriage ended because of his infidelity. It seems as though scandals are never far from Pastor Bryant, who was recently accused by an LA-based masseuse of fathering her 10-month-old son and failing to financially support the child.

I will not sit here to judge him but I will ask, why is no one accountable in the church any longer? It seems people can just do what they please these days and get away with it. Some try to justify his behaviour by saying ‘he is a man and he has needs’, but is he also not a minister of the word and therefore should be held to a higher standard because that’s what we sign up for when we vow to serve God and his people. Sometimes it is more honourable to acknowledge your shortcomings and step down in order to re-evaluate your life and get it right. This does not disqualify you but rather qualifies you. What are your thoughts?

God bless you



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