Pastor Jarrid Wilson Launches #GreatJoys Movement to Counter Alyssa Milano’s Celebration of Her Abortions


Southern California based Pastor Jarrid Wilson, is offering a different perspective after actor and activist Alyssa Milano recently celebrated her past abortions, claiming her life would be “lacking all its great joys” if she hadn’t terminated two of her pregnancies when she was in her early 20s.

Wilson, pastor at Harvest Bible Fellowship and founder of the non-profit Anthem of Hope, posted a tweet Wednesday, responding to Milano. In it, he asked people to post pictures of their own children along with the hashtag #greatjoys because, in reality, children are the presence — not absence — of joy.

In a comment to Faithwire, Wilson said: “Children are our future, and a blessing from God, not a burden that so many people — specifically people who are only focused on their own achievement and goals — make them out to be,”.

Milano first made her comments celebrating her past abortions, which took place only months apart from each other in the 1990s, on her podcast, “Sorry Not Sorry.” She went on to claim abortion “was absolutely the right choice for me” because she was “not ready” to be a parent.

Interestingly, Milano is also the same person who, now that she has given birth to two children, a son and a daughter, admitted her kids have made her better. “I have actually become a patient human being,” she said in 2016.

One of the major disconnects plaguing our society, Wilson explained, is the false belief that children are burdens.


Image: Gabi Adams

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